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Our world is stressful, and sometimes meaningless.

It can also be ugly, on different levels -morally, aesthetically, spiritually...

Living in such a world can be hard, painful and even absurd.

Ironically, most of us only want simple things.

Our society makes us believe that we always need more money to be happy.

But in fact, we're just looking for a cool lifestyle.

Reading a book. Loving someone. Enjoying a special dinner.

We all need to bring back simplicity in our life.

Elegance. Beauty. Pleasures.

Connan Club is a platform that brings joy and taste to your everyday life. With a French vibe.

With simple recommendations, we tell you small things that can transform your existence.

Trends. Style. Art. Inspiration.

Your lifestyle changes everything.

The way you feel. The way you look.

We want to tell you our secrets. Based on the French lifestyle.

We believe elegance and beauty can transform your life in a great way.

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